Information Technology Agency

Strategized and redesigned the website to highlight their innovative work and attract potential new hires

Project Overview

The Information Technology Agency of the City of Los Angeles works to keep Los Angeles at the forefront of government accessibility, reliability, and innovation by developing world-class digital technologies. As an increasing number of City employees become eligible for retirement, the ITA has put a priority on recruiting new workers, especially through their website. Our team was tasked with reworking their current website to better target potential new hires.

Team: Kimia Mostaghimi, Targol Parsa, and Mona Kim
Role: UX Researcher, Content Strategist, and UX/UI Designer
Platform: Desktop
Tools: Pen & Paper, Whiteboard, LucidChart, Sketch, Marvel App
Timeframe: 3 weeks

  • Website has trouble engaging users due to misleading or missing content and UI that isn't reflective of a world-class IT department
  • Job seekers have to navigate a complicated job application process
  • Re-structure content and improve UI to get users to better understand ITA and encourage job seekers to apply for ITA positions
  • Provide much-needed hiring-related information so that job applicants are more satisfied with the hiring process
Clickable Prototype

See the prototype below or click here to open it in a new window


Content Audit

Since this is a content-based website, we did a content audit to see what information is currently available on the website and to form our own understanding of ITA. Through this exercise, we learned that certain parts of the website are updated more frequently than others and leveraged that to create potential new content strategies for parts of the website.

User Interviews

To get a better idea of the job seekers' needs, we conducted interviews with ITA's new hires to identify the following pain points throughout the hiring process.

  • No overview of the City's hiring process
  • No status updates for months at a time
  • Not enough information about what working for ITA is like
Stakeholder Interviews

We also conducted stakeholder interviews to better understand ITA's business goals. We used the brand prism to help stakeholders breakdown what they are trying to communicate through the ITA website. We also identified other potential users of the ITA website to keep in mind throughout our process.


User Persona

To help keep the target users in mind, we created Amy, our user persona. She is a very good candidate for ITA's job openings but may not be particularly looking for a government job so she will need more info before applying.

Site Map

The new site map shows how we reorganized the website to focus more on ITA's work and to help them attract potential new hires. From our interviews, we learned that candidates want to know about the organization and what the organization is working on so we prioritized them in the navigational structure. Also, since not all users of the website will be job seekers, we decided to put Careers at the end of the navigation.

Site Map



We started with hand-drawn sketches to help visualize our ideas for the redesign. Below are my sketches. I like to do it quickly to get the most intuitive ideas on paper. Please excuse the crooked lines and messy handwriting!


After iterating on the redesign, we came up with the following mockups for our presentation.


See the prototype below or click here to open it in a new window

Next Steps

For future iterations of the website, I suggest to work on the following:

  • Add a section dedicated to Vendors that explains how they can work with ITA and a link to BAVN, a website with the City's projects open for bidding
  • Expand on the contractor info to make it more interactive
  • Expand on the leadership team info to make it more interactive
  • More unique content created by ITA with announcements, tips, and other news, with more effective use of social media to bring traffic to these pages

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