Helping Mars Settlers manage their health and homes through one simple interface

Project Overview

With the recent increase in interest in going to and settling in Mars, our team decided to create an app to help settlers simplify their lives on Mars. We imagined the first settlers to be on Mars for a specific reason, like researching and testing equipment/processes to make sure they work for the masses. We wanted to make sure they didn't have to worry about their health and home, on top of their important workload.

Team: Justin Jackson, Nathalie Perez, and Mona Kim
Role: UX Researcher, Lead UI Designer
Platform: iPad App
Tools: Pen & Paper, Whiteboard, LucidChart, Sketch, InVision
Timeframe: 2 weeks

  • Although Mars is similar to Earth in many ways, there are some major differences that would affect human life
  • Lots of different information that the user may need
  • Provide enough information so that users know what to do
  • Create a clear user interface with an intuitive interface


User Interviews

Since there weren't any Mars settlers or astronauts that we could interview, we interviewed people who would be in similar situations on Earth. We came up with three scenarios: people who own a home in Mars but are traveling between Earth and Mars frequently, people who need to know the outside conditions on Mars, and people who are on Mars to run experiments. We created an affinity diagram with our insights from the interviews to understand user needs, similarities, and differences.

User Persona

Using the similarities of our 3 user types, we came up with our persona, Kimia, who is a smart, tech-savvy, and busy scientist who would use our app to take care of everyday tasks.

User Flow


Site Map

After prioritizing the features that we would focus on for this project, we organized them using an affinity diagram. After multiple tries and lots of discussion, we came up with 5 main categories to organize the features of the app.

User Flow



We individually sketched out our ideas for the interface and brought them together for discussion. Below are my sketches that I contributed.


After some discussion and iterations, we came up the following wireframes.


After some more iterations, we finalized the mockups. Below are the mockups that we presented for this project.


Next Steps

For future iterations of this app, I would like to see the following.

  • New health technologies integrated into the app, such as wearables and smart patches
  • Smart home appliances integrated into the app, such as refrigerators and washing machines
  • Other user types added so that families can access the same information and parents can manage children's information
  • More community functions added, such as requesting settlement repairs and other interactions with the community